One of our favorite things is to shop for you. If you have been searching for an item, at no charge we will start looking for you. If we find your requested item then we'll include it on the next shipment out West.

Super Easy & Super Fun!

Here's how it works:

  1. Submit your request either through our contact us page, social media messenger apps, text or in person with the item or items you are looking for.  Include pictures of either what you are looking for or something that it is similar to. Please also include your budget in your request. We need to know this information as this helps us determine how far we can travel to get your item or items.
  2. Give us your cell phone number. When we come across something that is on your list we will text you a picture of the item.  We need to move fast at this moment if you like the item and have interest in moving forward. Many times an item sells before the potential buyer (this is you) responds and we will not purchase the item on your behalf without your approval. This is why we need your cell number and have permission to text you.
  3. Approve or Pass.  As long as you don't mind us sending you text messages of items that we think will fit your description we don't mind if you keep passing up on it until we find the right thing. The more we bounce back and forth the more we can understand your preferences and find your item.
  4. It's Approved.  If you approve an item, we will need to collect either half or the full amount electronically as soon as your approval has been given.  From that moment our team will go about collecting the item, storing and preparing it for shipment to Arizona.  It could take up to 6 to 8 weeks for your item to arrive at our showroom in Prescott unless other terms were discussed.
  5. Pick up your item and enjoy!
  6. Still waiting? If we have not found your item yet, don't give up but send us a friendly reminder. Sometimes we get so busy that little reminders are appreciated and welcomed.  This is officially your opportunity to nag without guilt!

That's it!  We try to keep it as simple and straight forward as possible.

Have questions? Contact us or send a message through Facebook.