Antique Doors

Antique and Vintage doors are no longer being used as artistic statement pieces that are propped up in the corner of a beautiful home and seasonally decorated. Instead these aged beauties are going back to their rightful use and are being used as functional doors in new home construction and remodels. Doors are usually overlooked and purchased as a necessity when instead they could be used to escalate a home and take it to the next level of enjoyment and self-expression. Doors do not have to be dull or uninteresting. Finding the right door that “speaks” to you can sometimes take years to find but worth the search. Why not enjoy and love every element of your home making it feel like your own personalized space by using Antique and Vintage doors?

Antique and Vintage doors are available in a wide range of shapes, styles and sizes.

Many homeowners choose to use different styles of doors throughout their home to add character without making the space feel eclectic. It’s amazing how one single door can transform a space while creating a personal touch. Whether it be a modern farmhouse, cozy living, mid-century modern, industrial or historical charm a door can complement your design and style taste.

Many homeowners choose a pantry door as a starting point but any space can be made more exciting and unique with the right door as a functional accent piece. Home offices, “me” spaces and laundry rooms are also high on the list for adding an accent door in new construction or remodels. A home office can be elevated by adding an impressive white walnut pocket door on a barn slider for that “Library of Congress” feel. An old office door from the 1950s with the original textured glass makes for a great laundry room door (allowing the light to enter while obstructing the view of any unmatched socks). Skinny French doors with wavy panes of glass add a delicate touch to a bedroom closet and a set of old restaurant doors on a butler hinge can add an element of wonder and fun as one enters a game room. Sometimes just one door can liven up a dark or boring room to whatever style you desire.

In the months to come, I’ll take you through the world of Antique & Vintage doors, Architectural Salvage and how to incorporate these lovely things in today’s homes.

Written by Angela Reed, co-owner of Antiquities Storehouse and 30+ year resident of Prescott, AZ. Angela along with her team in the Midwest collect Architectural Salvage and Antique doors and then transport them across the country to Arizona. An adventure she enjoys with her husband and two kids.